We provide sophisticated advisory and financing services to public and private companies. We are committed to exceeding client expectations and are proactive in delivering value-added advice and excellence in execution.

With a combination of Wall Street research, portfolio management, merger and acquisition, private equity, corporate acquisition, and entrepreneurial experience, Halpern Capital has a unique and extensive set of skills and transaction experience to draw on when providing our clients with advice.

Inside Halpern Capital

  • Halpern Capital, founded in 2002, is a financial services boutique primarily focused on advisory and capital raising services.
  • We have a strong track record of success under a variety of market conditions, having raised about $600MM in over 25 engagements.
  • In addition to traditional financing methods (e.g., PIPES, RDs, ATMs), we have developed innovative and efficient alternative financing methods.
  • We have expertise in using convertible structures to provide non-shelf issuers with significant flexibility.

Global Reach

  • We have strong relationships in the US, Canada, China, Europe and Latin America.
  • We are able to meet the diverse needs of companies looking for cross-border finance, M&A, JVs and expansion of their shareholder base.
  • Through our Asia partnerships, we are able to help Asian private companies tap the U.S. markets via a variety of methods, including alternative public offerings and reverse mergers.

Green Focus

We have deep expertise and extensive relationships in green and sustainability-focused areas. Our principals have experience in the carbon offset and cap and trade markets and, through partners, have access to all the major U.S. carbon exchanges. Offering both advisory and capital raising services, we have assisted many companies in the renewable energy space, ranging from municipal waste-to-energy to wind energy and biomass energy. We are also interested in sustainable and more efficient use of global agricultural resources, and have experience in these areas.

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